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TOP 20 PARENTS: Raising Happy, Responsible and Emotionally Healthy Children.


Top 20 Parents adapts many of the same concepts as our first book, Top 20 Teens. This book, written in collaboration with Early Childhood Family Educators, focuses our Top 20 concepts on parenting young children.  These easily understood and immediately applicable tools will set in motion your children’s potential to become happy, responsible and emotionally healthy.

Our purpose in writing Top 20 Parents is to enhance the quality of the parenting journey and develop the incredible potential in each child and family. This book provides parents with awareness and tools to create more enjoyable and productive experiences with their young children.

The four important parts:

STORY: A family scenario is presented at the beginning of each chapter. This short story reveals the context relating to the main concept presented in the chapter.

CONCEPT: The majority of each chapter explains concepts or tools to empower parents to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their children. Many of these concepts can also be used in adult relationships or work experiences.

DEVELOPMENTAL NEWS FLASH: Parents want to know more about their children’s development. The Developmental News Flash section helps parents to have realistic expectations of their children by better understanding the interplay between behavior and development. Readers are also encouraged to use the many sources about child development available in libraries and bookstores and on the internet.

TIME FOR ACTION: Parents also want practical ideas to use in real life situations. The Time for Action section at the end of each chapter includes suggestions and strategies for learning the Top 20 parenting style and raising Top 20 kids.

What people are saying about Top 20 Parents:

“Top 20 Parents awakened the wisdom within us as parents. We felt a burden of things we ‘should’ do lift off our shoulders. Thanks to Top 20 Parents, we have the tools to parent how we have always wanted. Our kids are having fun with it and we are raising resilient, realistic, emotionally stable children.”

—Amy and Stephen Gould, parents

“I am a better father because of the tools in Top 20 Parents and my children will be great parents to my grandchildren because of the lessons I have learned. This book is the most valuable parenting book I have learned.  This book is the most valuable parenting book I have ever bought.”

–Justin Berthiame, father


1. To get what’s important in our lives and respond more effectively when we’re not.

2. To become aware of our thinking and how it governs our experience.

3. To better understand child behavior and the developmental stages of our children.

4. To develop Star Qualities (curiousity, responsibility, self-motivation, confidence) in our children.

5. To build trust and respect in our families

6. To send our children empowering messages

7. To encourage our children to move outside their Comfort Zone and learn from mistakes.

8. To listen and communicate more efffectively.

9. To resolve conflict and make things better after we’ve made them worse.

10. To reduce negativity in our family.

Table of Contents
selected chapters available online

 1. Top 20 and Bottom 80 Parenting
2. Above and Below the Line
3. The Frame
4. The Big Picture
5. Emotional Intelligence
6. Star Qualities
7. Observation
8. Goals
9. Temperament
10. Responding to Hits
11. Building the Trust Fund
12. The Influence of Messages
13. Mistake Making
14. Reducing Negativity
15. Listening
16. Conflict Resolution
17. Getting Back on Track


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